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Sentinel X800 Jetflo Cleaner - Part of the Water Treatment range from Heating Spares.

Sentinel X800 Jetflo is a heavy duty central heating cleaner from Sentinal. Jetflo is designed to remove corrosion deposits and scale from boiler heat exchangers radiators and pipework from domestic central heating systems. Sentinel X800 has been specifically designed to be used with powerflushing machines. Although very effective when used in conventional circulation cleaning methods, X800 is most effective when used with a powerflushing machine.

TripleTech™ Technology
X800 Jetflo contains ‘TripleTech Power Clean Technology’ it has unique formula which has 3 different chemical technologies which penetrate and attack system scale and corrosion debris dissolving into a 'ready to flush' solution whilst leaving a longlasting anti corrosion surface protection.

X800 Jetflo with TripleTech Power Clean Technology is a powerful highly active cleaning agent. It's unqiue composition allows Sentinel X800 Jetflo to act as a penetrating dispersant under neutral pH conditions eliminating the need to clean with conventional acids and the problems associated with them. The formula also contains agents to protect metals form corrosion.

Sentinel X800 Benefits and Features:

  • Powerful removal of all major foulants and debris
  • For all systems, old or new, hot or cold
  • Ideal with or without power flushing
  • Exceptional results when power flushing
  • Harmless to the environment, completely non-toxic and biodegradable

Sentinel X800 Jetflo Ultimate Cleaner is a heavy duty cleaning formulation designed to remove corrosion deposits and scale from boiler heat exchangers radiators and pipework in domestic central heating systems.


Sentinel is working with Carbon Trust to reduce the carbon footprint of X800 Ultimate Cleaner.

1 Litre bottle

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