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ue to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we are suspending deliveries with Royal mail, therefore all deliveries will be sent out by Parcelforce.


Our cutoff times for courier deliveries has is now 12pm instead of 2pm as Parcelforce are now collecting off us much earlier.


Bank Holiday

Deliveries will not be dispatched until Tue 14th April


Trade Counter opening times are now as follows until further notice:


Mon-Fri  9am-2pm

Sat  9am-12pm

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Water Treatment Chemicals

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Fernox AF10 Universial Biocide 500mlFernox AF10 Universial Biocide 500ml from Heating Spare..
£47.99 Ex Tax: £39.99
F2 BOILER NOISE SILENCERFernox Boiler Noise Silencer F2 helps to reduce boiler noise. It is suit..
£19.72 Ex Tax: £16.43
Fernox F1 Express Central Heating Protector – Fernox Central Heating Water TreatmentFernox F1 Ex..
£20.39 Ex Tax: £16.99
Fernox F2 Express Boiler Noise Silencer – Fernox Central Heating Water TreatmentFernox F2 Expres..
£19.91 Ex Tax: £16.59
F3 CLEANER by Fernox Cleanser for central heating systemsCleaner F3 Universal Cleanser is a quic..
£17.26 Ex Tax: £14.38
F3 SUPERCONCENTRATE CENTRAL HEATING CLEANERFernox Superconcentrate Central Heating Cleaner F3 is..
£23.53 Ex Tax: £19.61
Fernox F4 Express Central Heating Leak SealerFernox F4 Express Central Heating Leak Sealer at He..
£18.59 Ex Tax: £15.49
F4 LEAK SEALER Internal Leak SealerFernox Leak Sealer F4 is used throughout domestic heating sys..
£15.38 Ex Tax: £12.82
Fernox F5 Express Central Heating CleanerThe Fernox F5 Express Central Heating Cleaner at Heatin..
£22.70 Ex Tax: £18.92
Fernox F6 Energy Saver 500mlAdd to your central heating system and save up to £18 per year on en..
£16.06 Ex Tax: £13.38
Fernox F5 Powerflushing Cleaner - formally Heavy Duty RestoreFernox F5 Powerflushing Cleaner is ..
£22.08 Ex Tax: £18.40
LEAK SEALER LS-X - 50gFernox LS-X from Heating Spares is a silicone paste used as an external le..
£4.36 Ex Tax: £3.63
Fernox F1 Central Heating Protector - 500mlFernox Protector F1 gives long term protection of dom..
£16.40 Ex Tax: £13.67
A concentrate liquid, alkaline in reaction, created to clean during power flushing heating circuits...
£7.79 Ex Tax: £6.49
 Deposit Remover by Sentinel from the Heating Spares Ltd water treatment collection.Th..
£54.17 Ex Tax: £45.14
Sentinel Leak Sealer - Sentinel Water TreatmentSentinel Leak Sealer at Heating Spares is ideal w..
£10.37 Ex Tax: £8.64
Sentinel Rapid-Dose Leak Sealer - Sentinel Central Heating ProtectorSentinel Rapid-Dose Leak Sea..
£17.28 Ex Tax: £14.40
 Sentinel X100 Inhibitor at Heating Spares is a central heating inhibitor from Sentinel. ..
£15.59 Ex Tax: £12.99
Sentinel X100 Rapid-Dose Inhibitor - Sentinel Central Heating ProtectorSentinel X100 Rapid-Dose ..
£19.04 Ex Tax: £15.87
Sentinel X200 Noise Reducer - Sentinel Central Heating TreatmentX200 Noise Reducer by Sentinel f..
£14.66 Ex Tax: £12.22
The Sentinel X300 Universal Cleaner at Heating Spares Ltd, flushes out flux and installation debris ..
£16.79 Ex Tax: £13.99
Sentinel X400 System Restorer - Sentinel Central Heating CleanerSentinel X400 System Restorer Sl..
£15.59 Ex Tax: £12.99
 Sentinel X800 Jetflo Cleaner - Part of the Water Treatment range from Heating Spares.S..
£17.99 Ex Tax: £14.99
Sentinel X900 Filter Aid - Sentinel Central Heating Water TreatmentSentinel X900 Filter aid is a..
£19.43 Ex Tax: £16.19
Sentinel X900 Filter Aid 275ml Gel TubeSentinel Central Heating Water TreatmentSentinel..
£19.56 Ex Tax: £16.30
Internal protection for central heating systems. Inhibits limescale and corrosion. For..
£7.19 Ex Tax: £5.99