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Internal protection for central heating systems. Inhibits limescale and corrosion. For..
£7.19 Ex Tax: £5.99
Fernox AF10 Universial Biocide 500mlFernox AF10 Universial Biocide 500ml from Heating Spare..
£47.99 Ex Tax: £39.99
F2 BOILER NOISE SILENCERFernox Boiler Noise Silencer F2 helps to reduce boiler noise. It is suit..
£19.72 Ex Tax: £16.43
Fernox F1 Express Central Heating Protector – Fernox Central Heating Water TreatmentFernox F1 Ex..
£20.39 Ex Tax: £16.99
Fernox F2 Express Boiler Noise Silencer – Fernox Central Heating Water TreatmentFernox F2 Expres..
£19.91 Ex Tax: £16.59
F3 CLEANER by Fernox Cleanser for central heating systemsCleaner F3 Universal Cleanser is a quic..
£17.26 Ex Tax: £14.38
F3 SUPERCONCENTRATE CENTRAL HEATING CLEANERFernox Superconcentrate Central Heating Cleaner F3 is..
£23.53 Ex Tax: £19.61
Fernox F4 Express Central Heating Leak SealerFernox F4 Express Central Heating Leak Sealer at He..
£18.59 Ex Tax: £15.49
F4 LEAK SEALER Internal Leak SealerFernox Leak Sealer F4 is used throughout domestic heating sys..
£15.38 Ex Tax: £12.82
Fernox F5 Express Central Heating CleanerThe Fernox F5 Express Central Heating Cleaner at Heatin..
£22.70 Ex Tax: £18.92
Fernox F6 Energy Saver 500mlAdd to your central heating system and save up to £18 per year on en..
£16.06 Ex Tax: £13.38
Fernox F5 Powerflushing Cleaner - formally Heavy Duty RestoreFernox F5 Powerflushing Cleaner is ..
£22.08 Ex Tax: £18.40
LEAK SEALER LS-X - 50gFernox LS-X from Heating Spares is a silicone paste used as an external le..
£4.36 Ex Tax: £3.63
Fernox F1 Central Heating Protector - 500mlFernox Protector F1 gives long term protection of dom..
£16.40 Ex Tax: £13.67
A concentrate liquid, alkaline in reaction, created to clean during power flushing heating circuits...
£7.79 Ex Tax: £6.49
Sentinel Leak Sealer - Sentinel Water TreatmentSentinel Leak Sealer at Heating Spares is ideal w..
£10.37 Ex Tax: £8.64
Sentinel Rapid-Dose Leak Sealer - Sentinel Central Heating ProtectorSentinel Rapid-Dose Leak Sea..
£17.28 Ex Tax: £14.40
 Sentinel X100 Inhibitor at Heating Spares is a central heating inhibitor from Sentinel. ..
£15.59 Ex Tax: £12.99
Sentinel X100 Rapid-Dose Inhibitor - Sentinel Central Heating ProtectorSentinel X100 Rapid-Dose ..
£19.04 Ex Tax: £15.87
Sentinel X200 Noise Reducer - Sentinel Central Heating TreatmentX200 Noise Reducer by Sentinel f..
£14.66 Ex Tax: £12.22
The Sentinel X300 Universal Cleaner at Heating Spares Ltd, flushes out flux and installation debris ..
£16.79 Ex Tax: £13.99
Sentinel X400 System Restorer - Sentinel Central Heating CleanerSentinel X400 System Restorer Sl..
£15.59 Ex Tax: £12.99
 Sentinel X800 Jetflo Cleaner - Part of the Water Treatment range from Heating Spares.S..
£17.99 Ex Tax: £14.99
Sentinel X900 Filter Aid - Sentinel Central Heating Water TreatmentSentinel X900 Filter aid is a..
£19.43 Ex Tax: £16.19
Sentinel X900 Filter Aid 275ml Gel TubeSentinel Central Heating Water TreatmentSentinel..
£19.56 Ex Tax: £16.30