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Adey Magnaclean Micro Magnetic Filter 22mm New -17%
Effective and compact protection for central heating systems. The compact filter delivers effective ..
£71.99 £59.99 Ex Tax: £49.99
Adey Magnaclean Professional 22mm Magnetic Water Filter MC22002 -31%
Proven technology to guarantee central heating system protectionMagnaClean® Professional set..
£95.99 £66.00 Ex Tax: £55.00
Intaklean 2 - 22mm Central Heating Magnetic Filter IK2MF22 -14%
The IntaKlean 2 magnetic filter is the ideal solution to contamination problems resulting in the pre..
£59.99 £51.59 Ex Tax: £42.99
Magnaclean Professional 2 Filter Adey Magnaclean 22mm Black -13%
Rapid in-line installation providing exceptional central heating protectionMagnaClean® Pro..
£95.99 £83.99 Ex Tax: £69.99
The pack contains:1 x MagnaClean Professional 22mm: a proven, high efficiency, full-flow fi..
£107.99 Ex Tax: £89.99