Sime 6040201 Pressure Relief Valve

-24% Sime 6040201 Pressure Relief Valve


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Sime 6040201 Pressure Relief Valve

The primary function of a safety valve or pressure relief (PRV) to protect property and life. 
Because a PRV is often the last device to prevent catastrophic failure under pressure conditions, it is important that the valve works at all times i.e. it must be 100% reliable. 
Pressure relief valves should be installed wherever the maximum allowable working pressure of a system or pressure containing vessel is likely to be exceeded, in particular under fault conditions due to the failure of an expansion vessel.

In domestic heating systems, pressure relief valves are incoporated in the boiler or heating circuit to prevent pressure building up to a dangerous levels by releasing the excess pressure through the pressure discharge pipe. It is therefore vital that an approved part is used as it is a safety device.

This part is present 45 different boilers in the Sime range including the Sime Dewy 30/80 Wm, Ecomfort 25HE, Ecomfort System 25HE, Ecomfort Plus 25HE.

At the bottom of the page is an appliance table with the links to all boilers that contain this part. Please use this if you would like to view all other spares that fit that model by clicking on your appliance model and download the user manual for that appliance. If none of these models match the appliance you have, please contact us before ordering so we can confirm this part is compatible.

We recommend that all parts are fitted by a fully qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineer. If you require any help locating a part, please feel free to contact us.

This Part Fits the following appliances:

ManufacturerAppliance ModelGC Number
SimeDewy 30/80 Wm47-283-04
SimeEcomfort 25HE47-283-06
SimeEcomfort System 25HE41-283-04
SimeEcomfort Plus 25HE47-283-13
SimeEcomfort Plus 25HE System41-283-10
SimeEcomfort 30HE47-719-25
SimeEcomfort Plus 30HE47-283-14
SimeEcomfort 35HE47-283-09
SimeEconomy He25 BF
SimeEconomy He30 BF
SimeEconomy He35 BF
SimeFormat 100B LPG
SimeFormat 100B Ng47-283-08
SimeFormat 100C47-719-13
SimeFormat 100C LPG
SimeFormat 110C47-719-21
SimeFormat 30HE47-719-22
SimeFormat 80B LPG
SimeFormat 80B Ng47-283-07
SimeFormat 80C47-719-12
SimeFormat 80C LPG
SimeFormat System 24 Ei LPG
SimeFormat System 24 Ei Ng
SimeFormat System 24 LPG Boler
SimeFormat System 24 Ng41-719-15
SimeFormat System 25HE41-719-17
SimeFormat System 30 Ei Ng
SimeFormat System 30 Ng41-719-16
SimeFriendly Format 100E47-719-09B
SimeFriendly Format 8047-719-07
SimeFriendly Format 80E (8092955)47-719-08
SimeFriendly Format 80E (8092973)
SimeFriendly Format Technyl
SimeMurelle HE25 BF47-283-10
SimeMurelle HE30 BF47-283-11
SimeMurelle HE35 BF47-283-12
SimeMurelle System HE1241-283-05
SimeMurelle System HE2041-283-06
SimeMurelle System HE2541-283-07
SimeMurelle System HE3041-283-08
SimeMurelle System HE3541-283-09
SimePlanet Dewy 11047-719-11
SimePlanet Dewy 9047-719-10
SimeSuper 105 Mkii
SimeSuper 90 Mkii

Sime 6040201 Pressure Relief Valve

Boiler Parts
Part TypePressure Relief / Safety Valve
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