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Heatline D002160280 Valve Set

-23% Heatline D002160280 Valve Set
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Product Code:D002160280
Manufacturer Part NumberD002160280
Superceded Part Number3002160280
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Heatline D002160280 Valve Set

This part is present 30 different boilers in the Heatline range including the Heatline Capriz 25, Capriz 28, Capriz 32 Boiler, Capriz 32S Boiler.

At the bottom of the page is an appliance table with the links to all boilers that contain this part. Please use this if you would like to view all other spares that fit that model by clicking on your appliance model and download the user manual for that appliance. If none of these models match the appliance you have, please contact us before ordering so we can confirm this part is compatible.

We recommend that all parts are fitted by a fully qualified Gas Safe Registered Engineer. If you require any help locating a part, please feel free to contact us.


This Part Fits the following appliances:


Manufacturer Appliance Model GC Number
Heatline Capriz 25 47-157-12
Heatline Capriz 28 47-157-13
Heatline Capriz 32 Boiler  
Heatline Capriz 32S Boiler  
Heatline Compact C24 47-157-06
Heatline Compact C28 47-157-07
Heatline Compact S20S 41-157-01
Heatline Compact S24 Silver 47-157-02
Heatline Compact S24 White 47-157-02
Heatline Compact S24S 41-157-02
Heatline Compact S30 Silver 47-157-03
Heatline Compact S30 White 47-157-03
Heatline Compact S30S 41-157-03
Heatline Monza 24 47-157-21
Heatline Monza 28 47-157-22
Heatline Sargon 20S 41-157-12
Heatline Sargon 24 47-157-15
Heatline Sargon 24S 41-157-13
Heatline Sargon 30 47-157-16
Heatline Sargon 30S 41-157-14
Heatline Sargon 35 47-157-17
Heatline Solaris 24 Pc Premix 47-157-04
Heatline Solaris 24 Pcs System 41-157-06
Heatline Solaris 30 Pc Premix 47-157-05
Heatline Solaris 30 Pcs System 41-157-07
Heatline Soluxe 30 47-157-10
Heatline Soluxe 35 47-157-11
Heatline Vizo 24 47-157-08
Heatline Vizo 28 47-157-09
Heatline Vizo Plus 47-157-14

Heatline D002160280 Valve Set

Boiler Parts
Part TypeIsolating Valves
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