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Weather compensators measure the outdoor temperature and communicate it back to the boiler, adjustin..
£34.00 Ex Tax: £28.33
When used between flue elbows, vertical adaptor and vertical terminal, this Glow-worm flue extension..
£37.00 Ex Tax: £30.83
This Glow-worm flue extension is for use between flue elbows, vertical adaptor and vertical terminal..
£71.00 Ex Tax: £59.17
This pair of 45 elbow bends provides greater flexibility when installing a Glow-worm flue in your ho..
£53.00 Ex Tax: £44.17
This Glow-worm flue extension can be used between flue elbows, vertical adaptor and vertical termina..
£27.00 Ex Tax: £22.50
For use in conjunction with Glow-worm condensing boiler flue accessories as part of a horizontal or ..
£31.00 Ex Tax: £25.83
The Glow-worm Climapro1 is a wired, 2-channel programmable room thermostat that makes it easy to set..
£65.00 Ex Tax: £54.17
The Glow-worm Climapro1 RF controller is a wireless unit, 2-channel room thermostat to programme you..
£115.00 Ex Tax: £95.83
The Climapro2 RF is Glow-worms most innovative wireless programmable room thermostat. Easy to use an..
£125.00 Ex Tax: £104.17
The Climastat from Glow-worm is a low voltage room thermostat that gives you personalised heating co..
£31.00 Ex Tax: £25.83
A glide-down timer on this Glow-worm Flexicom analogue drop down clock provides simple control of yo..
£59.99 Ex Tax: £49.99
This telescopic, rear outlet flue kit for Glow-worm Flexicom boilers measures 300mm up to 900mm from..
£90.00 Ex Tax: £75.00
The Flexicom rear piping spacer frame is for use when fitting a Glow-worm combi (cx) boiler or syste..
£53.00 Ex Tax: £44.17
The Glow-worm Smart Wiring Centre2 enables the use of Glow-worm intelligent controls on Ultracom and..
£73.00 Ex Tax: £60.83
This standard horizontal flue kit for Glow-worm boilers measures 755mm from the centre of the 90 ben..
£80.00 Ex Tax: £66.67
This pre-fixing jig kit for upward or downward piping is compatible with all Glow-worm Ultracom2 boi..
£53.00 Ex Tax: £44.17
This Glow-worm spacing back frame enables easy installation of a Glow-worm Ultracom2 combi boiler on..
£53.00 Ex Tax: £44.17
The Glow-Worm vertical flue adaptor is suitable for all Glow-worm condensing boilers. You will need ..
£17.00 Ex Tax: £14.17
The Glow-worm vertical terminal is for use when installing a boiler where the flue needs to be taken..
£86.00 Ex Tax: £71.67